Cora Naturals – West Coast, craft-grown and lab-tested premium cannabis products from Cora Naturals

At Cora Naturals we provide safe, artisanal cannabis products and strains from local West Coast suppliers and growers. With a history of growing our own craft strains of cannabis for over a decade, we understand the health and medicinal properties of small-batch, craft-grown cannabis. We work in partnership with our growers and suppliers to provide quality, lab-tested cannabis flower, edibles, and
concentrates for our customers to enjoy.

With our roots firmly planted in the West Coast, we have sought out local growers and partners who share our philosophy of providing our customers with the best cannabis experiences possible. During our years in the cannabis industry, we have built personal relationships with some of the best and most progressive craft growers in British Columbia, and we are excited to showcase their products for you to enjoy.

So put your feet up, and spark it up or eat it up. We know that at Cora Naturals you will find a natural product tailored for you that will help you enjoy the best cannabis experience possible!

Peace and love,