Wizard Weed – Twisted Distillate 1g Ceramic Vape Cartridge


New from Wizard Weed! These oils are created through special processes that retain as much of the flavour of the plant as possible, while still offering a smooth, powerful experience.

The Wizard uses Ascera all-ceramic vape cartridges. Thanks to industry-leading technology and design, these ceramic coils deliver a stronger and cleaner tasting toke, and these cartridges can vape even the thickest distillates.

Twisted Distillate is a unique blend of cannabinoids with an emphasis on Delta-8. Delta-8 provides a smoother buzz than Delta-9, still very strong, yet perceived as mellower. The combined blend of 96% cannabinoids is extremely powerful and not for beginners! This distillate has a hint of colour in it which tends to migrate towards any air bubbles, which adds to the mystique and uniqueness of this product.

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